Big Racquette History

From an early age, owner Jeff Garlach learned the importance of hard work and dedication. His parents once taught him that if he wanted something, he was not going to get it by sitting around and waiting for it to come to him. He needed to go out and achieve success on his own accord, and that’s just what he did. He credits most, if not all of his success to his father Garth Garlach, stating that if it were not for him he would not be where he is today and without his father’s guidance there would be no “Big Racquette”.

Jeff started working at a very young age with his father bagging and delivering ice. He would also help out at his parent’s ceramic shop. From there he picked up multiple other trades. His father taught him how to plow and drive heavy equipment and constantly pushed him to learn new skills. Jeff received his Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Art from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and from there he started his business venture.

In 1999, Jeff bought his first plow and started plowing a handful of residential properties.

In 2002, he purchased his first front end loader, and acquired his first commercial plowing contract.

The name “Big Racquette” was established in 2006.

In 2006, Big Racquette started its Parking Lot Sweeping and its Commercial and Residential Lawn Care Services.

In 2011, Big Racquette saw some big changes with its expansion to its current location on County Route 37. The now 2,200 Sq. Ft. building was once a measly 400 Sq. Ft. warehouse.

In 2012, owner Jeff Garlach, purchased his first tractor-snow blower combination for residential driveways. This proved to be a very efficient and successful form of snow removal for small properties.

Big Racquette Inc. became a distributor for Belgard in 2013.

2014 - we added Aquascape Products for ponds and water features.

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